What you should know

Sessions will be scheduled according to Eastern Europe Time UTC/GMT +3 hours.

We will make every effort to schedule presentations based on the presenter’s time zone. Therefore, delegates based in countries east of Europe will be scheduled in morning sessions, and those based in countries west of Europe will be scheduled in afternoon sessions.


The following information provides details on what you can expect as a presenter and attendee of the conference.

Sessions will be live, however they will be recorded and made available to registered attendees for two months after the meeting ends.

All technical sessions and forums included in the program will be presented via hopin.to platform. A chat feature will allow meeting attendees to ask questions that will be relayed to the speakers.

All talks will be pre-recorded and will be run according to the program schedule. Speakers should be present during their slot, especially for the discussions following the presentations.  

E-posters will be uploaded before the conference to make content visible to participants. Posters should be one-page PDF or Image. During the Conference poster session will consist of 5-minute lightning prerecorded presentations with 3-minute slot for questions after that.         



During the event, you will have the possibility to:

  • Interact with the speakers through chat and polls

  • Hang out with the other attendees in different break-out formats

  • Attend the social program activities and share informal moments with the other attendees